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SUP Boards

While it may seem daunting, our stand-up paddleboards are designed for absolute beginners, meaning anyone can do it! Even for the most uncoordinated person, our wide-brimmed paddleboards will hold you up just fine. And, we’ll also help get you and the board in the water so you’ll be set to go.

While on Lake Rutledge, you may notice that the atmosphere seems familiar. That might be because this lake is also known as Crystal Lake, the one in the movie, Friday the Thirteenth. That’s right, this is where the movie was filmed!

SUP Rentals: Paddle, Life vest & Ankle Coil
Half-Day: $30
All-Day: $50
Weekend: $125
+$10 Delivery/Pickup to HLC

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I accept for use, as is, the SUP rental equipment, and accept full responsibility for it’s care while it is in my possession. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Over Yonder Outpost, LLC for all loss or damage I may have caused to this equipment, except for responsible wear and tear to the equipment.(Required)
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